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A new video on the Dependable Integrated Systems – EE Master Specialisation

Recently, a video about the Dependable Integrated Systems Specialisation for the Electrical Engineering Master was published. A dependable system is a system that has been designed to satisfy the changing requirements of its users. During this specialisation, you learn to combine hardware and software and create an embedded system that is reliable and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Topics you could consider are the braking system of your car or smart usage of the energy grid. In the video,our colleagues from the University of Twente explain about the the specialization and the research done at the Energy Group.

The Dependable Integrated Systems specialisation covers aspects from both electrical engineering and computer science. The programme consists of five compulsory courses: system on a chip design, embedded computer architectures, two courses on ethical aspects and in discussion with your programme mentor, you will choose either real-time systems or dependable computing systems as the fifth course you must follow.

Visit our website for more information about Dependable Integrated Systems and explore the curriculum and career perspectives via this link. In this specialisation, Electrical Engineering students work together with Computer Science students and Embedded Systems students to create reliable integrated systems.

The dependable integrated System specialisation is offered by the Computer Architectures for Embedded Systems Group, or shortly the CAES group. In recent years, energy efficiency was the main research focus of the CAES group. This direction started before 2005 with energy efficient processing and communication subsystems for battery powered embedded systems such as mobile phones and wireless sensor networks. And right now, CAES is working hard on implementing smart charging.

Watch the video on the Dependable Integrated Systems EE Master Specialisation here:

Video made by Seddle Productions commissioned by the University of Twente.