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NWO Perspective grant awarded for MEGAMIND Research program

The Energy Group of the University of Twente is participating in a new research project named MEGAMIND (Measuring, Gathering, Mining and Integrating Data for Self-management in the Edge of the Electricity System), granted to a consortium of partners by the Dutch Research Council (NWO) as part of the ‘Perspective’ program. Together with three other universities, TNO, and nine industry partners, the University of Twente is participating in this project to research fundamentally new concepts for dynamic local energy systems.

The project is about innovative and fundamental new ways of organizing our future energy systems powered by renewable energy, aiming for dynamic systems that can automatically manage their energy flows. The MEGAMIND research program uses a holistic view where the interaction of local energy markets, the distribution networks and consuming and producing devices is studied. To this end, the project also investigates legislation and regulatory challenges, to ensure that these technical solutions find their way into society.

The Energy Group at the University of Twente is active in two Research Tracks: “Robust Planning and Control for Local Energy Markets” and “System Performance versus Privacy in Energy Management”. More information on the project is found here. Within this project, the Energy Group offers two open PhD positions. More information on these open positions can be found here.