[B] [M] FISWG – Automatic extraction and use of forensic facial features

BACHELOR Assignment

FISWG– Automatic extraction and use of forensic facial features

Type: Bachelor EE/CS/HMI 

Period: TBD

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Forensic Facial Recognition - examiners compare crime scene images and reference images taken from a suspect and formulate a (descriptive) estimation of the strength of evidence that the images depict the same person. A judge can incorporate the strength of evidence in the verdict whether the suspect is considered guilty or not. The comparison protocol typically involves the assessment of (dis)similarities found during a morphological analysis; its details may vary between forensic organizations. Since the comparison process is to some extent subjective, insight into decision making and efforts to objectification are important. FISWG (www.fiswg.org), a scientific working group in which facial identification knowledge and experience is organized, has published recommendations for different levels of the comparison process. Their facial comparison list describes overall and detailed FISWG characteristic descriptors, that is, typical features of facial parts like the eyebrows, eyes, nose etc.

Several studies have been conducted on FISWG characteristic descriptors on images of various quality. These pre CNN studies mainly used manual annotation to extract features.

It is interesting to see whether the characteristic descriptors of several facial parts can be extracted automatically from facial images of various qualities and what their evidential value is. Moreover, integration into a facial recognition system can be studied as well.

This topic can be taken by two students; in a first session we’ll decide who is doing what.