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[B] Finishing and improving of finger vein system

Bachelor Assignment

Finishing and improving of Finger vein system

Type: Bachelor EE

Student: Unassigned

Duration: TBD



Biometrics is about recognizing persons based on their physical properties, behavior or traces they leave. Examples of biometric modalities are face, fingerprint, iris, voice etc. Many of these modalities have the disadvantage that they can easily be copied or obtained, e.g. it is very easy to take a photograph of somebodies face or to obtain his fingerprints from a smooth surface like a wine glass. Using the copied biometric, access can be obtained to mobile phones, secure areas and information etc. The vein pattern inside the finger can also be used as a biometric, because it is unique for every person, but it is very hard to copy this without the cooperation of the person involved. Therefore at DMB, we designed a finger vein scanner and investigate finger vein recognition. Around this setup a number of student assignments have been dedefined.

Figure 1: Left/middle: Finger vein scanner, Right: finger vein patterns


The finger vein acquisition system as shown in the figure above is our 2nd version and the hardware has been developed by a bachelor student. It includes 3 cameras for future research on pose independent and 3d finger vein recognition. The cameras are connected to a 3 raspberry PI computer boards (one B-type and 2 zero's). This project includes the implementation of a finger vein recognition system on these computer board and the addition of a display to show the finger veins in real time and to provide instructions to the user. The idea is to realise a stand-alone finger vein recognition system. In addition, the performance of the system will have to be evaluated on a small dataset and compared to that of the 1st version of the scanner.