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[D] Subpopulation Process Mining in Health

BACHELOR Assignment

Subpopulation Process Mining in Health

Type: Bachelor CS 

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Every consult, scan, measurement or treatment is an event in a patient's care path. Viewing from this perspective, a care path is like a business process and can be studied from this same perspective. "Process mining is a family of techniques in the field of process management that support the analysis of business processes based on event logs" (Wikipedia:


The objective of this project is to investigate commonalities and differences of the care paths of certain subpopulations of patients. For example, for a given condition, one would expect that men and women would be treated the same, hence the process model derived for both subpopulations should be the same. On the other hand, older patients may need extra care, hence the process models derived for subpopulations young vs old could show interesting differences. The tools ProM and Disco can be used for the actual process mining tasks.

The project can be done using data from the MIMIC-III Critical Care Database [1], which includes patient data, measurements, information about the caregiver and diagnosis information.