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[D] Process Mining Software Logs

BACHELOR Assignment

Process Mining Software Logs

Type: Bachelor CS

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For improving the user-friendliness of software, it is important that we can study the behaviour of people using that software. A new approach of doing that is the following. We view every action as an event in a user's "usage path" of the software. Viewing it from this perspective, a usage path is like a business process and can be studied from this same perspective. "Process mining is a family of techniques in the field of process management that support the analysis of business processes based on event logs" (Wikipedia:


The objective of this project is to show that this approach can at least distinguish between inexperienced and experienced users.

A software tool has to be chosen from which a usage log can be easily extracted. If no actual usage data from experienced and inexperienced users is available, a user experiment has to be set up to generate such data. The tools ProM and Disco can be used for the actual process mining tasks. The usage log has to be transformed to an event log usable by these tools. It is of course interesting to see if based on the approach also other observations and conclusions about behaviour of users using software can be made.