The Department Applied Mathematics University of Twente contributes to mathematical development through connection to scientific research at UT institutes.

Key elements in our multidisciplinary collaborations are mathematical abstraction, structuring and generalisation, and the development of mathematical methods for analysis, modelling and simulation. For this purpose, the department pursues an active role in UT research institutes, as well as in national and international collaborations with academia and industry.

Applied Mathematics for key technologies such as Energy, Health, Communications, Process Engineering, and Systems and Control provides a firm societal embedding. Partners in industry incorporate some of our new algorithms and mathematical models into production and design. Specific applications include optimization of logistics processes in hospitals, dynamic planning for energy-neutral urban areas, optimization of industrial filters, turbulent pyrolysis and combustion for biomass integration, modelling of neuronal diseases such as Parkinson’s and epilepsy, marine (wave) applications involving harbours and ships and multiphase flows in process-engineering.

Research is funded by NWO and TTW (NWO) and private partners. Graduate students find employment with relative ease in a range of industries and research institutions.

Application-oriented research in the areas of Energy, Health, and High Tech Systems is part of each department, with programs mainly carried out within multidisciplinary UT research institutes: