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Five papers with DACS authors accepted for this year's Internet Measurement Conference

We are very proud that a record number of five papers with DACS authors have been accepted to appear at this year's Internet Measurement Conference. The accepted papers, listed below, cover a wide range of topics from anycast routing, to DNS, DNSSEC and global Internet scanning. Congratulations to all DACS authors: Anna, Cristian, Leandro, Mattijs, Moritz, Raffaele, Ralph and Roland!

  • Unresolved Issues: Prevalence, Persistence, and Perils of Lame Nameservers
    Gautam Akiwate (UC San Diego); Raffaele Sommese and Mattijs Jonker (University of Twente); Ian Foster (UC San Diego); Stefan Savage (University of California, San Diego); Geoff Voelker and KC Claffy (UC San Diego)
  • Clouding up the Internet: How Centralized is DNS Traffic Becoming
    Giovane C. M. Moura (SIDN Labs); Sebastian Castro (InternetNZ); Wes Hardaker (USC/ISI); Maarten Wullink and Cristian Hesselman (University of Twente and SIDN Labs)
  • On the Origin of Scanning: The Impact of Location on Internet-Wide Scans
    Gerry Wan and Liz Izhikevich (Stanford University); David Adrian (Censys); Katsunari Yoshioka (Yokohama National University); Ralph Holz (University of Twente); Christian Rossow (CISPA – Helmholtz Center i.G.); Zakir Durumeric (Stanford University)
  • The Reality of Algorithm Agility: Studying the DNSSEC Algorithm Life-Cycle
    Moritz Mueller (SIDN Labs and University of Twente); Willem Toorop (NLnet Labs); Taejoong Chung (Virginia Tech); Jelte Janssen (SIDN Labs); Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (University of Twente and NLnet Labs)
  • MAnycast2 – Using Anycast to Measure Anycast: Challenges and Opportunities
    Raffaele Sommese (University of Twente); Gautam Akiwate (UC San Diego); Leandro Bertholdo, Mattijs Jonker, and Roland van Rijswijk-Deij (University of Twente); Alberto Dainotti (CAIDA, UC San Diego); KC Claffy (UC San Diego); Anna Sperotto (University of Twente)

You can find the full list of accepted papers on the conference web page: (under "Program").

The conference, held as an online event this year, will take place between October 27 - 29.