FAQ Osiris

On this page, you can find frequently asked questions about OSIRIS.

  • What is OSIRIS Student?

    OSIRIS Student is the module of OSIRIS where you as a student can enrol for modules/courses and minors, view notes from your study advisor and view your latest results and study progress. Furthermore, you can view information about the courses you are taking and view your test schedule.

  • What is the OSIRIS Course Catalogue?

    In the OSIRIS Course Catologue you can search for information about courses and minors. The most accurate method to search is the course code, this unique code is ascribed to any course as an identification code.

    More extensive information about minors can be found on the minor website.

  • What is a study programme and how can I see in which I am enrolled?

    A study programme is the curriculum of a student, a set of courses to follow to complete a degree. Each student is linked to one or more study programmes. The study programmes of a student can be checked in OSIRIS Student.

  • Where can I find my Binding recommendation on continuation of studies (BSA)?

    The recommendations can be found in OSIRIS Student in the ‘Binding advice’ section on the ‘Progress’ tab. More information on the regulations for the Binding recommendations can be found at SACC.

  • What is OSIRIS Lecturer?

    OSIRIS Lecturer is the module used by supporting staff and lecturers/examiners. Check out more information at Osiris Lecturer (Grades) or at Osiris Lecturer (Counseling).

  • What is OSIRIS Backoffice?

    OSIRIS Backoffice is the module of OSIRIS where educational support employees are working in. Depending on the function an employee has, different modules in the Backoffice are available.

  • How do I upload ICE data in OSIRIS?

    Please find the instructions here