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Renovation of the main entrance and foyer Vrijhof building

The main entrance and foyer of the Vrijhof will be renovated this summer. We will carry out the renovation works in two phases. In this message, you will find detailed information about the work that will be carried out in phase 1 and any potential disruptions.

What will happen and when?

 In week 28 the demolition phase will begin. Starting week 29 till approximately week 32 the construction phase will take place. 

What kind of inconvience can be expected?

During the initial demolition and renovation work, there will be noise in the building. After the demolition phase, the construction activities will take place. You may experience some noise from the drilling activities. The main entrance of the Vrijhof building will be closed during this period, but the library entrance will remain open.

More information and questions

For more information or if you have any questions about the renovation, you can contact the Servicedesk at the Vrijhof.
Information about phase 2, which involves renovating the entrance near the library, will be provided later through the Service Portal and Student Portal.

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