Sarah Krebbers new student assessor

As of September 1, we welcome Sarah Krebbers, a fourth-year student in the Biomedical Engineering Bachelor's programme, as a student-assessor on the S&T Faculty Board.

With her proactive attitude, enthusiasm and empathy, she will effectively represent the interests of our students. Her previous experiences as a board member at S.V. Paradoks and as a member of S&T's Faculty Council will provide valuable insights and skills, further enhancing her role as student assessor. Welcome to our Faculty Board, Sarah! We look forward to a constructive and enjoyable collaboration.

Sarah Krebbers

For me, the role of student assessor is new, but I am confident that I will succeed in representing the voice of our students.

Sarah's appointment also means that we have to say goodbye to Noah van Dijk. Thank you, Noah, for your commitment to our faculty and contribution to our Faculty Board over the past two years!

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