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Solar Boat Twente unveils new solar-powered boat during Boat Reveal 2024.

Solar Boat Twente, the student team from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, will unveil the new solar boat on Tuesday, April 23. The Boat Reveal 2024 will take place at 3:30 PM at the Wilminktheater Muziekcentrum in Enschede.

New hull

After months of secrecy and intensive work, the first tests with the new solar boat have been successfully completed. The team, consisting of 17 motivated students, has worked hard on the development of this boat. The boat features a new design and is powered by solar energy. With the boat, the team inspires the maritime sector to become more sustainable.

One of the most striking features of the new boat is the redesigned hull. The hull has been given a different shape to save weight while still allowing the same amount of solar panels to be used. These innovative adjustments improve the boat's performance, enabling us to compete even more effectively during races.

Significant milestone

The ultimate goal is to achieve a podium finish at the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. This is an international competition where teams push boundaries with sustainable innovations on the water. But before this goal is achieved, many tests must be carried out to make the boat stable while flying. The designed boat has hydrofoils underneath it. With enough speed, the boat rises out of the water and sails on these foils. This reduces resistance and allows for even faster speeds.

"I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved so far," says Vera Ottens, team manager of Solar Boat Twente. "The unveiling of the new boat during the Boat Reveal is a milestone for our team and marks the beginning of a new era in the history of Solar Boat Twente. We are ready to face the challenges and compete in the upcoming races."

Public event

For those interested, the event is open to visit at the Wilminktheater Muziekcentrum in Enschede. Tickets for this event and more information can be found on the website solarboattwente.nl.

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