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Renovation Boerderij Bosch and Stall and expansion Log cabins

The Executive Board has decided to start with the renovation of Boerderij Bosch and Stall, as well as to extend the number of Log Cabins. The tender for these three projects will start in April this year, so that the realization can start around the summer. The aim is to have the renovation and expansion ready in early 2024.

Expansion Log Cabins

The Log Cabins, which are currently used by various groups, are also rented to students who are following a VU-UT bachelor's programme in Mechanical Engineering at VU Amsterdam. These students regularly come to campus for project education, among other things. More VU-UT bachelor's programmes will be launched in the coming years, including Creative Technology, which will start next academic year. This means that more students will need temporary accommodation on campus. Two additional Log Cabins will be built, providing approximately 30 sleeping places.

Renovation Stall

The Stall, which is currently mainly used for informal gatherings and parties, is being converted into a multifunctional meeting space. After the renovation, this is a suitable space for the VU-UT students to spend time when they do not have any educational activities. The furniture on the ground floor of the Stall will be robust and easily removable, making it relatively easy to use the space to host an informal gathering or party.

The following events and activities will be prioritized for reserving the Stall:

  • Pre-U / Inspire-U / Curious-U
  • Batavierenrace and Batafeest
  • Study-related, temporary accommodation for the VU-UT students
  • Acitivities of UT Kring
  • Constitution drinks and parties of associations affiliated with the KSUT

For other activities, the Stall can also be reserved when it is not in use. In order to have extra capacity available for drinks and parties, it is being investigated whether it is possible to cover the terrace at the sports canteen. 

Renovation Boerderij Bosch

Boerderij Bosch, which serves as the home base of staff association 'UT Kring' and the pensioners' association 'Gewis', has been in need of renovation for some time. This, together with the Stall and the Log Cabins, will be included in the redevelopment of the entire area. Boerderij Bosch thus remains the home base of UT Kring and Gewis. The two associations are and remain involved in making the renewal plans. Boerderij Bosch can also be reserved for drinks and parties when it is not in use.

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During the planning of the three facilities, extensive discussions were held with all parties involved. They are and remain involved in the realization of the redevelopment of the area. Together with these parties, agreements have been drawn up for reservation, prioritization and use of the facilities. These agreements can be found in the below mentioned document Procedure on joint use of the farmestead of Boerderij Bosch. 

More information about housing projects on campus can be found at: www.utwente.nl/ltsh  

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