UT's Diversity Week starts on 3 October! Take a look at the programme and sign up for your favourite event(s)!

The second edition of the Diversity Week is about to begin. This year again, we will bring you an inspiring, informative and engaging programme, packed with workshops, presentations and gatherings. Getting interested? Keep reading!

On Tuesday 4 October (Diversity Day in the Netherlands) television and radio presenter, programme maker, and lecturer Karim Amghar will join us - as a community - for a  interactive keynote speech about the importance of education in creating equal opportunities. What are the effects of biases, radicalisation, polarisation, and wokeness at our university and in our society? How can we understand these effects better and work together to continue cultivating an inclusive and safe community? Do you want to be there and participate live or online in this inspiring conversation? Please register! Lunch is included.

Workshops inclusive artificial intelligence and data justice

But wait, there’s more! Cristina Zaga will be giving a workshop on 4 October on how to design and apply artificial intelligence (AI) in an inclusive way, and on 5 October Fenna Hoefsloot will be giving an introduction to data justice and inclusive data gathering, focused on how to responsibly and meaningfully collect useful representative data. What challenges might you face and how do you deal with it? During an informal gettogether in our Theater Café (also on 5 October) we would like to share experiences around studying and working with any kind of disability. How is it now, one year after the signing of the UN Declaration on Studying with a Disability? What is going well and what needs to be improved? 

Th!nk with Pride symposium

On 6 October Th!nk with Pride Saxion and Th!nk with Pride UT are organising a symposium about working and studying in a safe and pleasant way for everyone belonging to the LGBTQI+ community. The symposium will be centred around LGBTQI+ inclusion at their institutions and beyond. This is a topic that spans the full width of our universities: from making our education inclusive, to making an impact via inclusive policy, to conducting research to underpin these undertakings.

Register for your favourite event(s)!

The full programme can be found on UT's DE&I website. Take a good look at all the interesting events during UT's Diversity Week and register for the events you like best. Feel free to contact UT's DE&I Team if you have any questions.  Last but not least, are you already aware you can now find all kinds of information about DE&I on UT's DE&I Instagram account? You can find little there right now, but together we'll make sure that quickly changes. In other words, do you have something to share? Just let the DE&I Team know!