Poll results smoke-free campus

Before the summer, we conducted an online poll to gauge opinions on the smoke-free campus and compliance. Herewith, we are happy to share the results of the poll.

The short questionnaire was completed by 216 colleagues, 11% of whom were smokers. Of the smokers, 80% indicated that they (almost) always comply with the smoking ban. 50% of respondents said they regularly see people smoking where it is not allowed. Over 50% regularly to often see people smoking where it is not allowed, and 80% (strongly) disapprove. Addressing others themselves rarely happens. Reasons given for not addressing others range from: fear of negative reactions/discussion, not feeling responsible and not wanting to come across as patronising, to finding it difficult to address known colleagues. A slight majority indicated that UT's compliance policy could be firmer and 33% supported the current policy.

13 colleagues (OBP and WP) have indicated that they feel involved in the smoke-free campus and would like to help think about possible improvement actions for the smoke-free campus. These colleagues have now been approached and a first meeting will follow soon.

Kiddy Ride Police Patrol

One of the actions -also stemming from the results of the poll- is that during Kick-in and in the week after OAY, the Kiddy Ride Police Patrol drove around our campus. They spoke to students and staff in a positive manner and with a touch of humour, to once again draw attention to our smoke-free campus. They also handed out vouchers for a tasty coffee. The reactions were largely positive, and students and colleagues indicated that they appreciated this way of addressing the issue. So who knows, maybe the Kiddy Ride will ride across our campus again soon!