Work on Spiegel building facade

For some time now, the Spiegel building has been fenced off with ribbons and scaffolding. You may wonder why this is. In this message we inform you briefly about this.

As a result of the storm damage last February, an analysis is being conducted into the cause of the blowing out of some glass panels in the curtain wall. Various parties, including the structural engineer and the facade builder, are currently busy trying to find an answer to this question. For this reason, it is not yet possible to give a planning when any work will take place. This is expected to become more clear in the coming weeks. As a precautionary and safety measure, the entrances to the building have been provided with tunnel scaffolding and the street work in the immediate vicinity of the curtain wall has been cordoned off.

As soon as more is known, an update will be given through the employee portal.

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