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Three awards for UT from the Comenius programme

Three UT scientists have received grants from the Comenius programme. The programme contributes to the renewal and improvement of higher education in the Netherlands. This directly benefits students and gives education professionals the opportunity to develop further in their careers. There are three different grants within the programme: the Teaching Fellow, Senior Fellow and Leadership Fellow grant. The fellowships enable education professionals to put their ideas for educational innovation into practice.

Senior Fellows

Dr J.R. (Jan) Buitenweg
Flexibility and Direction through Cooperation in the UTCI! - Realisation and best-practice implementation of a competence-based online workplace for individual study paths and curriculum development

The support of students' study paths often lies with the study programme. At the same time, we want students to take responsibility for the direction of their own development. The University of Twente Curriculum Inventory (UTCI) is a competency-based curriculum tool. Based on their own developmental goals and their vision of their future role in society, students can take control of the organisation of their study programme. With a flexible curriculum, programmes can respond to the increasing diversity of characteristics and needs of students. In this project, the UTCI will be realised as an online environment and students and study programmes will start using it.

Dr. K. (Klaasjan) Visscher
Scaffolding Transdisciplinary Learning in Responsible Challenge-based Education

Major societal issues cannot be captured in a single discipline. Nor is it up to scientists alone to come up with solutions. That is why it is important that students learn to cooperate with students from other disciplines and different parties in society. It is crucial that they learn to look for solutions to societal challenges in a transdisciplinary and responsible way. But how do you learn that and how can lecturers help? This project is developing and testing a toolbox of tools to help lecturers support students and practitioners in learning to work transdisciplinary and shape a responsible future.

Teaching fellow

Dr X.G.L.V. (Xavier) Pouwels
Towards Open Science within Health Care Technology and Management Education

Research results are increasingly criticised because they are not reproducible and because they are often not available in the public domain. This may negatively affect trust in science and the relationship between science and society. This project aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to address these issues by introducing them to Open Science principles and practices. Open Science aims to open research practices and results to the public domain, promote inclusive and reproducible science, and engage the general public more intensively in research.

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