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Show what you’ve got during the Open House on 1 and 2 October!

On Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 October – the Weekend of Science – UT will finally be able to open its door to the public again during the Open House. The perfect opportunity to show our beautiful, vibrant campus to our family, friends, (business) partners and other acquaintances, and offer them a unique glimpse behind the scenes. What does that glimpse look like behind your scenes? Will you show what you’ve got during the Open House?

The Open House is full of activities (workshops, tours, demos, quizzes) in which visitors of all ages and interests can experience the possibilities of science and technology in a fun, interactive way. That’s why we are looking for you! Whether you are a student or scientist: are you working on an interesting research, innovation or technology that visitors should not miss? Do you work with equipment or in a laboratory that the average Dutch person doesn't even know exists? And would you like to bring this to the attention in an interactive way during the open house? Or do you know someone within our UT community who cannot be missed during this weekend? Sign up before 30th June via the website Open House.


Whichever activity you have in mind: involve the public! We don’t just wanna show UT to our visitors, they should really experience it. From workshops, demonstrations and tour to quizzes or even interactive experiments: let your creativity run free.

And, of course, don't forget to invite all your family, friends and acquaintances during the Open House on 1 and 2 October!


If you have any questions for the project organisation, please contact us via openhuis@utwente.nl