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Join the talk show on Recognition and Rewards

Dear colleague,

We are delighted to organize the Recognition & Rewards talk show on 31 May 2022. Last year, we had to postpone our event twice, but now it seems possible to finally meet you again during our talk show in a lovely dynamic atmosphere in which the theme of Recognition and Rewards can be illuminated from various angles. 

In the past two years, our Shaping Expert Group Individuals & Teams on Recognition and Rewards organized round table discussions from which were able to distil a lot of information on the current situation that already led to ideas for new policy-making, for instance on talent management and a new form of annual talks.

Now we want to take this a step further, and get further ideas on the desired situation, and how to achieve this. Which concrete actions are needed and which obstacles stand in our way?


Therefore, we are organizing a UT-wide event for UT staff & students to which we cordially invite you on:

Tuesday 31 May from 14.00-16.30 hrs in the Technohal TL3138.  


The event has the form of a 'talk show' in which we will present various propositions. These lie for instance in the field of the effect of Recognition & Rewards for UT’s position in rankings, assessing individual and team effort, and free curriculum space for students for their personal development.

Subsequently, one group will be challenged to defend that proposition, another group – to argue against it, while the third group will also be challenged to extract from the discussion the advice for concrete practices at UT.  We hope to hear different voices. Roles will rotate so everyone who participates will at some point get a role mentioned above.

Quite a challenge, but we are confident that the event, which will be expertly led by Roderick van Grieken of the Netherlands Debate Institute, can be a success. The talk show will be held in English.


Do you want to participate, let your voice be heard? Then sign up quickly through the link below.

We have room for about 90 people from our UT community.

We hope to see you there and shape UT’s future together with us!

On behalf of the Shaping Expert Group Individuals and Teams,

Jennifer Herek and Tanya Bondarouk