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New supplier hot beverage vending machines

Today, October 22, 2021, the contract for the hot beverage vending machines has been awarded to Maas. As of January 1, 2022, the new hot beverage vending machines from Maas will be operational on campus.  

In addition to taste and experience, price and various other quality aspects, including sustainability, played a role in the selection process. During the tendering procedure, Maas showed that they scored the best on all these criteria.

Current situation

In the current situation, the hot beverage vending machines are located throughout the campus. Instant coffee is free for employees, but fresh bean coffee has to be paid for. Students pay with their bank cards for both instant and fresh bean coffee.

New situation

In the new situation as of 1 January 2022, there will be two types of hot beverage vending machines on campus. For employees, there will be vending machines with free fresh bean coffee, upon presentation of the employee card. For students, there will be vending machines with instant coffee, which have to be paid for, just like in the current situation.

The instant vending machines (student vending machines) are primarily placed at ‘high traffic’ locations, this are locations where many students are at the same time. For example locations near lecture halls, exam rooms etc.

There is a reason for the separation between students and staff. Our survey has shown that employees attach more value to quality and taste experience. Students usually want to get coffee quickly before or after class. The advantage of instant coffee is the higher brewing speed and this prevents queues.


In the coming period, CFM and Maas will make preparations for the implementation of the new hot beverage vending machines. The planning for exchanging the current hot beverage vending machines will be communicated in time. Keep an eye on the portal for more information.


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