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UnBEATable Battle: the battle is on for 11 acts

15 October, Agora at Vrijhof, 19h: a music battle takes place!  11 acts are going to compete for a place on mainstage during festival UnBEATable 12 November. Two spots are open and you can help them earn their spot!

We’re glad to announce the following artists are competing:

  • Altera Amnis (DJ)
  • Axel Black & White (DJ)
  • DJ Kwakman
  • DJ NOX
  • Geen Poespas (band)
  • Pandilla Mantequilla (band)
  • She’s On Mars (band)
  • SHOT (band)
  • Skreeuw (band)
  • Shruthi (singer)
  • Letitia (singer)

Find out more about the acts at this website. 

meet the jury and the host

The battle will take place on 15 October. You can join live at the Agora of live from home via utwente.live. There are two chances for a spot: a vote by the audience or a vote from our special jury: Eleanne Haalstra (violinist and UT-student), Marcella Claase (former singer at student UT-band Ciska de Rat and Project Manager at LISA) and JoeL Purkess (drummer and drum educator). The night will be hosted by Jasper van der Kolk (Event coordinator at UT). During the breaks we have some stand up comedy performed by Minkush Kashal and Arnold Heijmer.

Support your favourite!

If you want to join us at the Agora, please register here. If you want to join online, you don’t need to register. You just tune in 15 October at utwente.live. More information? Go to the website of UnBEATable Bands.    

About festival UnBEATable: a brilliant night for students and employees

If there’s one thing that working and studying at the highlights, it is that we shine brighter when we are together. We’re strong as individuals but together we are UnBEATable! We would like to see you on a brilliant festival exclusive for students and employees with great food, drinks, music and all of us together reconnecting! UnBEATable takes place on campus on 12 November starting from 17h. Get your ticket at the UnBEATable website.