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Seven new challenges await you

The UT is opening an additional seven challenges at the ECIU University and asks you to take part. Would you like to contribute to the effort of using big data to improve the quality of care? Are you eager to come up with sustainable alternatives to the disposable cups used during festivals and big events? Do you have innovative ideas on what to do with the ground beneath solar panels? These are just a few examples of the challenges that await you. Take a look at the platform and choose your challenge before 14 February.

From 1 March, you will form part of a multidisciplinary and international team (3 to 6 students) to take on the real-life challenge of your choice. Free from the restrictions of the COVID measures, this is the perfect way to interact with fellow students from all over Europe. You combine your learning experience with your studies, get to see what the professional field is really like and acquire new knowledge and skills.

Start and duration

  • Start of the challenge: 1 March
  • Close of registration: 14 February 
  • Time investment: three months on a part-time basis

Good to know

Challenges are aimed at master students and third year bachelor students. Each challenge lasts about 3 and equals 6 EC. In total it is expected that students spend approximately 168 hours each on the challenge, which for 3 months equals 56 hours per months = 14 hours per week. Please note that this is only an average, in some weeks it can be less and in other weeks more, depending on the phase of the project and your own schedule.

About ECIU University

ECIU University is a new, virtual European university that is currently being formed. It is made up of twelve universities across Europe and one associate partner from Mexico. 

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