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UT to ease Binding Recommendation (BSA) for 2020-2021 students

The University of Twente has decided to ease the Binding Recommendation (BSA) for students from the 2020-2021 cohort. Today, the University Council has agreed on the decision.

Outline of the decision:

  • The UT aligns with easing the BSA as is announced by the VSNU
  • The BSA-standard will be eased from 45 to 40 EC.
  • For some programs, this will not really mean easing because of e.g. program-specific requirements. These programs discuss with their program committee about an adjustment which will lead to easing the standard in line with the announced ease by the VSNU.
  • This easing of the standard only applies for students from cohort 2020-2021. This ease does not apply for students from cohort 2019-2020 for whom the BSA is postponed.