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First online graduate for Sustainable Energy Technology The corona crisis asks for flexibility

Wouter Voorberg, Master's student Sustainable Energy Technology, obtained his Master of Science degree online yesterday. He presented his thesis on modelling cooling systems in electric vehicles. Not with the whole ritual of family and friends in the room, but all alone in his room talking to a desktop. Elsewhere the graduation committee members listened to his presentation. Maybe this sounds lonely, but they were certainly not alone!

Wouter about this extraordinary experience: "You do miss the whole graduation ritual, but despite all this, everything was fine. Of course, the questions of the committee members were no less difficult, but the defence went well for me, I got a grade 8."

Jim Kok, programme director and committee member, said: "To take the Master’s exam online, was the first experience to me and the other committee members (Prof. Ter Brake and Dr. Dhalle). We were happily surprised that the functionality was similar to a live examination, although the audience was limited to the committee during Wouter his presentation, and a wider audience certainly was missed. Wouter did a very good job in the presentation and the oral exam. We can confirm that we questioned him thoroughly and that he answered our questions very well. We are certain we have a very good new Master of Engineering in Sustainable Energy Technology and wish Wouter all the best in his future career!"

Congratulations to Wouter and we wish him success in finding a great job!