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University of Twente partner of alliance 'Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij'

In June 2019, the University of Twente joined the alliance 'Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij'. As a partner of Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij, the UT works towards a non-smoking generation. In this context the university, supported by the new Tobacco and Smoking Products Act (formerly the Tobacco Act), has decided to make the entire campus, excluding the residential area, smoke-free from 30 March 2020.

This measure fits in with the increased technical-medical character of the UT and it is supported by the new Tobacco and Smoking Products Act (previously the Tobacco Act), which will ban smoking on the premises of educational institutions as from 1 January 2020 and which will be enforced from 1 August 2020. By turning the campus into a smoke-free area the University of Twente supports the objective of the National Prevention Agreement (Nov. 2018), in which the government commits to making the Netherlands healthier. The objective: a non-smoking generation in 2040, with children and young adults growing up in a smoke-free environment in which they are no longer tempted to start smoking. A support study, carried out by researchers from the BMS faculty in May, shows that a large number of students take up smoking at the campus. This is an important reason for making the campus smoke-free. The UT wants to contribute to the objective of a non-smoking generation and has therefore become a partner of Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij. 

“It is great that the results of the support study confirm that a smoke-free campus will have an impact on the temptation to take up smoking and will therefore make a meaningful contribution to a non-smoking generation." Mirjam Bult.

Alliance 'Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij'
Alliantie Nederland Rookvrij (an initiative of the Hartstichting, KWF Kankerbestrijding en het Longfonds) is a collaboration of public and private organisations with the aim to ensure that people no longer suffer (or die) as a result of smoking. The alliance is formed by many organisations that together aim to achieve a Smoke-Free Generation.

Stoptober: realise your ambition to give up smoking
A smoke-free campus has consequences for students and staff who currently smoke. In order to make the transition to a smoke-free campus as smooth as possible, the UT will, in October (‘Stoptober’), initiate a variety of activities that contribute to a joint effort to live up to the intention to give up smoking. Additionally, various programmes will be offered from January 2020 to assist people with giving up smoking.