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Andrea's story

My name is Andrea Garcia, I come from Quéretaro, México, and I am studying the MSC in Industrial Design Engineering. Currently I am a proud holder of the Holland Scholarship.

Creative environment

I had the chance to study at the University of Twente when I was doing a year of exchange. Back then I saw and felt what an innovation playground the Twente area and the University itself are.  After every lecture I urgently felt the rush to strive for better and I was enchanted by the stream of ideas and knowledge that popped in every alley of the University.  I truly believed that this conglomerate of cultures, brilliant people and tacit companies support were the most motivating creative environment one could ever ask for.  I felt so in love with daily breathing knowledge and culture, that  I committed every drop energy I had in order to be able to come back; and so I did.

Collective of cultures

There are several things that make the University of Twente very special and extremely enriching. The multicultural profile is one of them: you can see the world in the words of your colleagues, the access and openness of the complete collective of cultures is there, so accessible so easy and so willing for you to share your own story.

I was enchanted by the stream of ideas and knowledge

Andrea Garcia (Mexico), Master's student Industrial Design Engineering

Shape your own study track

Then the quality and variety of the academic program. Speaking precisely of my field,  for many scholars, as it used to be for me as well, design means  smooth products and clean graphic posters. But it is key to understand  that  good design has shaped itself into a good business synonym. Innovation today is closely linked with design, and design has become a decisive advantage in countless industries,  but also the design business in the best cases can accelerate a cleaner and better future for the least fortunate. The lectures available in the University of Twente are carefully designed to address this new perspective where the role that innovation plays  towards social, scientific and technological development  is the main focus. The courses are built on broad forefront knowledge which  actively challenge  the students to take action in creating these future visions, and what is the best,  open for multiple programs so  regardless the background  everyone can  shape  its own study track.                                 


Very related to the previous point, also are the facilities and physical resources of the campus.  When you  imagine a scientist, or a Sci-Fi cluster of  professors developing magical formulas and flying machines,  you picture a context as well , some kind of shiny  space  surrounded by cutting edge technology  and instruments that, if mysterious and impressive, are ready to allow any kind of concept, well,  that is how the University looks like.  It is difficult not to get carried away,  the whole environment is intellectually inspiring, one example is the DesignLab, here creativity is fostered in the framework of society and science, bridged throughout  an environment which allows the smart solutions gaining a voice.

Holland Scholarship

In the last two years, and I am very glad of it, I had the chance to experience different studying and working realities with different goals and methodologies. Stretching the boundaries of what I know enhance the awareness of what I do not know. I believe that given the possibility to study in the Netherlands has stimulated my cultural growth under many different angles, and being awarded with Holland Scholarship was the final decisive factor that made this happen.                      

Applying for the Holland Scholarship was very straightforward and the requirements  clear and accessible. Thanks to my family support and to the Holland Scholarship I could  get this opportunity to once again strive as hard as I can to best represent myself and reward those who have granted me a chance to prove such.