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ET - Sustainable Energy Technology

In the field of sustainable energy, the Faculty of Engineering Technology offers an MSc degree programme in Sustainable Energy Technology. Graduates will have gained in-depth understanding of energy technology and engineering; they will actually not only have expanded engineering knowledge, but also supplemented this with skills related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Building on this broad foundation, the graduates have risen above technology to play a role as enabler, leader and game changer in the transition towards sustainable energy systems. The courses offered to exchange students are all part of regular programmes, whether in sustainable energy or other. This means that many of these modules and courses are building on knowledge from modules and courses taught in earlier phases of that same programme. Before you start selecting your modules or courses, please familiarise yourself with our educational system.

Regarding your background (BSc/MSc) & the course level you can choose (BSc/MSc)
bachelor students have to select BSc modules and master students can select both BSc modules or MSc courses. Note that it is not possible to select only some parts of a (BSc) module.
Regarding your background (study field) & the subjects of the courses you can choose
please read this text.
Regarding pre-requisites:
note that admittance to any module or course is always subject to fulfilment of the pre-requisites of that module or course.

  • Master level

    Unlike the other educational programmes our faculty, SET offers little to no elective subjects. If you are interested in an course exchange semester in this area, you can choose one semester of courses from the regular programme. Take a look at this overview of the courses in the MSc programme SET.

    In order to apply for an exchange semester, the BSc programme you have finished and the MSc programme you should currently be registered in, don't have to be in the field of sustainable energy. Successfully finished BSc programmes in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering or similar study areas are in general accepted.

Disclaimer: All information on this web page regarding courses offered by the Faculty of ET for exchange students is subject to change without notice. Reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all information provided here, but the Faculty of ET is not responsible for misprints, out-of-date information, or errors. 

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