ITC - Technology and Liberal Arts & Science

University College Twente (UCT; est. 2013) is the international Honours College of the University of Twente. Its premiere educational offering – Technology and Liberal Arts & Science (ATLAS) – is a three-year, English-taught Bachelor of Science degree programme, with a broad interdisciplinary curriculum combining Engineering, Social Sciences, and Mathematics. The programme comprises a common foundation with courses in these three domains as well as individualized specialization and deepening through elective courses. Projects are central to each semester, challenging students with complex problems that demand both technological and societal perspectives, connecting to all three domains.

UCT equips the students to tackle challenges that require both technological and social perspectives. ATLAS students are encouraged to go above and beyond the curriculum and follow their passion. The academic, professional and personal development of the student is monitored along six learning lines: research, design, leadership & organization, interdisciplinary, communication, and learning capacity.


Language of instruction:

Academic Calendar:

Fall / Winter (first) Semester:
Block 1A: September – November
Block 1B: November – February

Spring / Summer (second) Semester: 
Block 2A: February – April    
Block 2B: April – June /July

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