ET - Civil Engineering

Regarding your background & the subjects of the courses you can choose
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Regarding pre-requisites:
Note that admittance to any module or course is always subject to fulfilment of the pre-requisites of that module or course, which can be found in the course catalogue. If the module information is not yet available for the upcoming academic year, please search under the previous academic year.

  • Bachelor level

    Below you can find the modules open to Exchange students. These modules are well-balanced, structured sets of courses created around a theme and need to be taken as a whole. You cannot choose separate courses. The modules consist of 15 ECTS per block. Please therefore select one module per block

    Semester 1 or 'Fall semester':

    Block 1A

    Block 1B

    202000041 Introduction to Civil Engineering (MOD01; 15 ECTS credits)

    202000048 Water Management
    (MOD02; 15 ECTS credits)

    202000064 Safety and Risk in Deltas
    (MOD05; 15 ECTS credits)
    Basic knowledge of prgramming required, preferably Python

    One of the many HTHT-minors*, such as
    202000093 Smart Cities – Multifunctional Flood Defences 

    one of the other many HTHT-minors*, such as
    202000099 Smart solutions for Sustainable Cities

    Minor*: 202400016 Fundamentals of Humanitarian Engineering

    semester 2 or 'Spring semester'

    Block 2A

    Block 2B

    202000056 Traffic and Transport.
    (MOD03; 15 ECTS credits)

    202000060 Designing Constructions  
    (MOD04; 15 ECTS credits)
    (pre-knowledge of mechanics is essential!)

    202000072 Area Development.
    (MOD07; 15 ECTS credits)

    202200229 Simulation and Stochastic Modelling in Civil Engineering.
    (MOD08; 15 ECTS credits)
    pre-knowledge in math required

    *limited spots - first come, first serve

  • Master level

    The MSc programme in civil engineering has several specialisations or profiles. Below you can find for each specialisation a suggested Exchange Course Package (ESP), composed of a well thought out selection of courses. These are sugggested packages, you are allowed to choose other courses outside these packages. But do be aware that within these specialisations the time schedule is aligned. We cannot guarantee so when choosing courses from separate specializations. 

    Please also pay attention to the faculty in which the course is given and keep in mind the 60/40% rule

    Semester 1 or 'Fall semester'

    ESP: "Construction Management 1"

    Block 1A

    Block 1B

    202100079 Structural Health Monitoring for smart infrastructure

    201800029 Construction Process Management

    201800045 Construction Supply Chain and Digitization

    201800050 Building Information Modeling & 5D Planning

    201800043 Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure

    202300083 Transitions in Civil Engineering

    201900107 Legal & Governance Aspects

    ESP: "Transport Engineering & Management 1"

    Block 1A

    Block 1B

    201800072 Planning & Process Management

    201800060 Sustainable Transport

    201800064 Traffic operations

    202001533 Traffic Safety

    201800070 Public transport modelling

    ESP: "Water Engineering & Management 1"

    Block 1A

    Block 1B

    201800018 Hydrology

    201800031 Data Analysis in Water Engineering & Management

    202300107 Water quality

    201800026 Morphology

    201800017 Water Footprint Assessment

    201800019 Hydrological Modelling and Forecasting

    201900188 River Flow Process

    201800024 Long Waves and Tidal Morphodynamics

    202100124 Wave-Dominated Coastal Dynamics

    Semester 2 or 'Spring semester'

    ESP: "Construction Management 2"

    Block 2A

    Block 2B

    201800051 Simulation and Optimization of Construction Processes

    201900075 Culture in International Construction

    201800044 Digital Technologies for Civil Engineering

    201800048 Procurement Strategies and Tendering

    201800046 Value Management

    201800053 Subsurface Infrastructure Engineering

    201800052 Technology and Innovation in Road Construction

    ESP: "Transport Engineering and Management 2"

    Block 2A

    Block 2B

    201800065 Traffic management

    202001463 Mathematical Optimization in Transport

    201900034 Urban Resilience in a Changing Climate

    201900142 Landuse and Transport interactions

    201800068 Network Modelling and Forecasting

    202200055 Smart Mobility

    ESP: "Water Engineering & Management 2"

    Block 2A

    Block 2B

    201800027 Mathematical Physics of Water Systems

    201800033 Water and climate

    201800038 Hydraulic Engineering

    201800039 Building with nature

    201900078 Hydraulic Modelling

    202200308 Geo risk Assessment

    201800057 Advanced Soil Mechanics

    201800035 River Morphodynamics

    202100125 Sustainable Engineering

    202300274 Integrated Water Management

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