Celebrate co-speculation! By you and the crew


A Responsible Futuring Approach to Create Spaces of Transdisciplinary Co-Speculation

This essay elaborates on how design research education can play a pivotal role in fostering futures-oriented competences through the provision of transdisciplinary spaces of co-speculation in learning trajectories. 

Julieta Matos-Castaño, Cristina Zaga, Klaasjan Visscher, Corelia Baibarac-Duignan, Sabine Wildevuur, Mascha van der Voort

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An annual publication featuring work by the University Innovation Fellows and their Faculty Champions. 

Read the chapter about Responsible Futuring (.pdf), written by Julieta Matos Castaño and Cristina Zaga (pages 19-20).

The meeting place of the future

Essay by Sabine Wildevuur, written for the 'College van Rijksadviseurs'.

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Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Embodied AI

Reflecting on and Re-imagining our Future with Embodied AI. Cristina Zaga, Maria Luce Lupetti, Nazli Cila, Minha Lee, Hijs Huisman, Eduard Fosch Villaronga. 

Sponsored by the Diversity Fund of the 4TU.NIRICT centre.

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Towards Responsible smart cities: Cook it book

From the NWO-funded project "Designing for controversies in Responsible Smart Cities"
Dr. ir. Julieta Matos Castaño (postdoctoral researcher, University of Twente), Dr. ir. Corelia Baibarac Duignan (postdoctoral researcher, University of Utrecht), Anouk Geenen MSc (PhD candidate University of Twente). 

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celebrate co-speculation!
By you and the responsible futuring crew

This publication informs about the basics of Responsible Futuring and showcases results by highlighting a selection of engagements. The booklet also contains insights and perspectives of the Responsible Futuring crew, alumni students and participants. Lastly, some fun facts. Enjoy reading this visual report!

Booklet (.pdf in Issuu) written, compiled and designed by the Responsible Futuring crew.

Monuments for future M/OTHERHOOD: artificial wombs and our reproductive futures

With this speculative experience, DesignLab's designer-in-residence Lisa Mandemaker wanted to spark new ideas about future reproductive scenarios and family ties. Can we think beyond the current family tree? And how do we experience new forms of kinship and the sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves?

A collaboration with scientists from the Gravitation Programme
The starting point of the artificial womb was socially disruptive technology. Together with philosophers (including Julia Hermann) from the Gravitation Programme Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies (ESDiT), Lisa has researched the ethical and social issues surrounding the potential indication of such a technology with various parties.

Booklet (.pdf) written by speculative designer Lisa Mandemaker and UT researcher Cristina Zaga.

INCENTIVE - Co-creation workshop and its outcomes

INCENTIVE: establishing Citizen Science Hubs in European Research Performing and Funding Organisations to drive institutional change and ground Responsible Research and Innovation in society. A Co-Creation Workshop was organised to engage with the stakeholders of each RPFO aiming to co-define the pivotal aspects of the governance and operation of the prospective CSHs. The approach applied for the Co-Creation Workshop is Responsible Futuring. Issued by University of Twente. 

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