UTDesignLabCongratulations to citizens and researchers for establishing new projects together

Congratulations to citizens and researchers for establishing new projects together

This spring, a call was made for citizens and researchers to submit their collaborative research ideas for the start of the new program “Civic and Citizen Science”. The goal of this program is to strengthen citizen participation in scientific research and to increase the role of science in regional challenges. After the call, five ideas were selected, each receiving a maximum of €10,000 to work on the idea for the next two years. 

Last week, the selected individuals gathered at the University of Twente to kickstart their projects. The five ideas cover: 

  1. Improving the health condition of citizens of Boekelo, submitted by Sandra van Hogen – Koster (citizen of Boekelo), Marjolein Kroese, collaborating with UT researcher Anne Dijkstra.
  2. Positive health solutions to decrease loneliness among elderly people in Twente, submitted by UT researchers Jodi Sturge, collaborating with Jeroen Ottink from Stichting IkkanWelzijn-Samen1Enschede/Samen1Twente 
  3. Citizen Science Dashboards - communicating climate change challenges in agriculture in Twente, submitted by UT researchers Iris van Duren and Florian Ellsäßer, together with Herenboerderij Usseler Es 
  4. Children Citizen Geo-Science for climate adaptive cities, submitted by UT researchers Funda Atun and Javier Martinez, together with Martin van Hooijdonk from International School Twente 
  5. AbilityTech: further development of smart assistive devices for people with disabilities, submitted by Arie Fokkink (AbilityTech) and UT researchers Edwin Dertien 

In all these projects, citizen are collaborating with professional scientists, resulting in new knowledge and insights for both on societal issues. 

The research program 'Civic & Citizen Science' is made possible by the University of Twente and the Province of Overijssel. The new Citizen Science Hub Twente coordinates the program's implementation on behalf of the University of Twente. 

Do you want to know more about the Citizen Science Hub Twente? Or are you curious about the progress of the projects? Please visit the website. Over the coming months, the projects will be further highlighted there. If you also have a research idea, a second round will take place in 2024. For more information, check what can you do'. 

In the picture (from left to right): Florian Ellsäßer, Iris van Duren, Wiro Kuipers, Michelle de Boer, Funda Atun, Jodi Sturge, Jeroen Ottink, Javier Martinez, Sandra Koster - Van Hogen