Festive online ceremony for first successful students of the Trandisciplinary Master-Insert

Unfortunately a ceremony 'in real life' wasn't in the options. But a lot is possible online nowadays, so on May 15th the graduates of DesignLab's transdisciplinary Master-Insert programme on Shaping Responsible Futures were put in the well-deserved spotlight virtually.

Cheers to the Master-Insert pioneers

All students succesfully completed the first edition of this special six month extracurricular programme. Together with academics from all over the university, the organizational team and other guests, they celebrated their achievement in an online graduation ceremony. The students shared their learnings and experiences, which where plentiful. Prior to the ceremony, the students received a gift at home, because due to the current situation it is not yet possible to officially hand over the certificate. The ceremony ended with a festive toast.

Shaping responsible futures

In November last year the first group of students started with the new Master-Insert. The students learned how combining knowledge and ideas from differents perspectives can enhance creative problem solving. This way, it gives you the tools to take the lead towards shaping a responsible future. 

"Be open-minded, take your time to provide feedback to your peers, take your time to reflect on yourself, and most importantly, appreciate their company and have fun! When the Master-Insert is over, you will miss the early mornings with everyone, trust me."

Transdisciplinary Master-Insert student Sefora Tunc, Industrial Design Engineering

Next edition: November 2020

The Master-Insert is offered once a year. The next possibility to join is November 2020. Do you want to learn how to shape desirable futures for others and with others? Are you looking for new ways to develop yourself personally and professionally, working in a diverse group? Then take a look at the website of the Master-Insert for more information and application.

Hosted by DesignLab

At DesignLab, we have seen many examples of how working with a diversity of people from a diversity of backgrounds propels innovation forward. That it why we co-developed and host this special transdisciplinary programme about responsible futures. We hope to welcome you there too!

"To become a true transdisciplinarian/societal leader, you need to be able to step outside of your own paradigm and understand that no paradigm is ‘true’. 

Working transdisciplinary is tiring, messy, challenging, and, most of all, a lot of fun! The master-insert experience is the perfect opportunity to practice perspective-taking and empathising."

 Transdisciplinary Master-Insert student Laura Moens, Psychology