Photography: Frans Nikkels

Covid-19 notification app to be introduced nationally

Yesterday, the Senate of the Dutch parliament agreed on the implementation of the Covid-19 notification app 'CoronaMelder'. This means that the app will be introduced throughout the whole of the Netherlands this Saturday. DesignLab contributed to the development of the app by coordinating and executing usability tests and ethical tests with a large number of citizens of Twente. 

Quicker response

The Covid-19 notification app alerts people when they have been in close contact with people that have been diagnosed with the corona virus. It is an addition to the other measures that are taking place in order to track the spreading of the virus. Thanks to the app, people can be informed more quickly about a possible risk, so they can take action.  

More information (in Dutch) on the government's website
More information about the usability testing and ethical testing