UTDesignLabNPO1 covers testing CoronaMelder in Twente
Credits: Frans Nikkels

NPO1 covers testing CoronaMelder in Twente

Yesterday evening, UT professor Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen was featured in the 8 p.m. news from NPO1 in an item about the testing of the corona notification app ‘CoronaMelder’. She gave an update about the usability tests that took place at DesignLab with various groups of inhabitants of Twente.

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If you have missed the item, or if you would like to rewatch it, you can visit the NPO website.

NPO1 item on corona testing in Twente
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Corona app testing in Twente

In April of this year, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport took the initiative to develop a new corona app. Now that the app's prototype is finished, Twente plays an important role in the research into its user-orientation. By order of the Ministry, researchers from the University of Twente, among other institutions, will determine whether the app does what it is supposed to do and whether it meets the necessary requirements regarding privacy, legal aspects, ethics and user-orientation. DesignLab, the BMSLab and TOPFIT Citizenlab play a crucial role in this.

With the usability tests concluded, researchers will now proceed with field testing and ethical testing.

For more background information, read the article 'New corona notification app being tested in Twente'.