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Join the DreamTeam

The DreamTeam is looking for enthusiastic, proactive and talented students to work in and around DesginLab. 



Thank you for your interest! The application form was open until 10 October.

For future DreamTeam openings, keep an eye on our news section.

What do we do?

We take care of DesignLab and its growing community and, additionally, we actively contribute to the mission of DesignLab.
We never stop learning, we have ample opportunity to make use of our own talents and skills. 

How do we do that?

All of us, the DreamTeam, work on shifts to keep DesignLab running during the day.  
Moreover, we initiate our own projects, such as Makers Night and DesignLab Universityor we make over our spaces. For example, we redesign PLAY into an amazing brainstorm room. We also learn how to organise and conceptualise brainstorm sessions using the S2D4S method; and we can learn how to operate the e/mWorkshop without injuries. 

What we want from you?

Your time, devotion and whatever skill you can bring to the table. Whether design, programming, planning, electronics, mechanics, networking, research.... The list is endless; what is important is that you WANT to be an ACTIVE member of our community and that you have the TIME and PASSION to do so.

What we need from you?

Around 4 - 6 hours per week and a filled in application form.

💚Hope to see you soon at DesignLab!

PS: We're here for everyone, that's why English is our preferred language.