UTDesignLabTosti Talks: Do more with less: Context of use analysis for better (and cheaper) engineering solutions

Tosti Talks: Do more with less: Context of use analysis for better (and cheaper) engineering solutions

In this talk, I’ll highlight how early user identification and feedback collection help to refine value propositions and facilitate leaner engineering prototyping. More precisely, I will make a case for intrinsically embedding context-of-use analysis to reduce time, cost and waste in technology development. Using portfolio examples, I’ll connect this approach with project-based learning, student placements and projects. Finally, I will link lessons learnt from practice with startup tools such as the lean loop or the frugal innovation models, which we will discuss further in the Q&A session


Pep Canyelles Pericàs

Pep Canyelles Pericàs is an assistant professor at the University of Twente. He holds a double B.Eng. degree in electrical and electronic engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), Barcelona, Spain; and Northumbria University, Newcastle, U.K. His postgraduate education consists in a M.Sc. degree in industrial engineering management from the University of Sunderland, and a Ph.D. degree in control systems from Northumbria University, UK. He has over a decade of professional engineering experience in Spain, the UK and the Netherlands in different roles: project engineer, optoelectronics research engineer, knowledge transfer partnership associate, enterprise fellow for business development activities, academic postdoctoral researcher and principal investigator. At the UT, Pep teaches in Creative Technologies and is part of the Robotics and Mechatronics group, faculty EEMCS. He is a Design Lab fellow with projects that link research and education with project-based learning. He is a member of the IEEE, the IET and KIVI.

Pep Canyelles Pericàs


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