METAORGANISM : Salon Public presentations of performance experiments with AI voice and wearable robotics

For this special evening, the main space of the DesignLab will be transformed into a performance art laboratory, presenting a collage of vignettes exploring the use of interactive technology, AI voice and wearable robotics in live performance.

The performances presented were developed through an intensive 3-day pressure cooker at the DesignLab, where a group of invited artists and technologies have collaborated to create new work on the spot, using a combination of rapid prototyping and rapid ideation, creation, and experimentation. We welcome you to come experience the fruits of these three days in person. Everyone is welcome and attendance is free.

The theme “METAORGANISM” comes from recent research in the life sciences pointing to the fact that almost all organisms are part of larger interdependent meta-organisms, made up of multiple beings working together. How can digital and interactive technologies help performing artists to acknowledging this cosmological reality? And trigger a shift in our perceptions of "self" and "other", "I" and "we", to expand the boundaries of perception beyond singular identities, and towards metaorganismic forms. Where voices and bodies mix and merge.

This public presentation is organised by Jonathan Reus, who is the 2023 artist-in-residence at the University of Twente, in collaboration with the DesignLab and the Campus Art Advisory Committee (CAAC).