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UT at Dutch Design Week 2023 Explore the design of the future & future of design

Dutch Design Week (DDW) is an annual event in Eindhoven, Netherlands and it is the largest design event in Northern Europe. The event is a platform that presents projects and ideas made by thousands of designers. University of Twente participates in the programme as part of one of the four technical universities of 4TU.Design United, DRIVE and a unique experience at the Ketelhuisplein. Read on if you're curious to know more and how to get tickets!

Picture this

Every programme may have its unique themes and different ways of showcasing, but they all align with this year's Dutch Design Week theme: 'Picture This’. We can all imagine where society might be heading towards, but how can it be different? Should it be different? What does change look like? Dutch Design Week wants to achieve the best possible presentation of the power of design that will get things moving. Within narratives like, for example, 'our equal society' and 'our health & wellbeing', UT researchers and students showcase their projects as frontrunners within design research.

The three programmes

Ever Changing Relationships -
4TU.Design United

Ever Changing Relationships is organised by Design United, the 4TU. research centre of design, with representatives who work at the four technical universities in the Netherlands: University of Twente, TU Delft, Wageningen University and Eindhoven University of Technology. With the ever-changing relationships of our society, planet, alongside the continuous development of technology, the design research community is always in a state of transition.

The 5 themes that will be addressed:

  • More than Human

    Further developing the concept of human-centered design to accommodate the eco-age that crosses natural, social, and artificial. It challenges designers to look for values in future environments for the life and growth of both humans and non-humans that feel normal.

  • Climates Futures Now

    Design is a practice focused on the future. Looking at the vision of potential futures on a planet facing challenges, speculating tomorrow's practices. And how to do a call to action?

  • Politics of Design

    Exploring the intricate relationship between design, power, and social justice. Diving into how designers address the correlation between social structures, biases, domination, cultural differences, and stereotypes.

  • Making Matters

    The discussion regarding the importance of the future and its approaches in the direction of making. In light of the rapid advancement of enabling technologies and the idea behind how crafters can shape and transform a new everyday reality.

  • Disentangling AI, Design & Society

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is essential to shaping the upcoming societies. Understanding the role of AI in the context of design is crucial; how designers can effectively collaborate with AI, incorporating multiple perspectives and stakeholders, while still maintaining responsible and ethical approaches.


The DRIVE festival provides a stage for architecture, designers, artists, social designers, game developers, researchers, clothing designers or communication professionals, who have recently conducted project-based research or have new insights within design. During the sessions, they bring you inspirational and inspiring examples of innovation that are in and for the creative industry. Each session is dedicated to one of the themes: System & Societal Innovation, Future Living Environments, Designing the Circular Economy, Digital Society. On the last day, there will be a big DRIVE 10th year anniversary party.

UT researcher Jodi Sturge will participate in this edition on Monday 23rd October 2023 regarding the topic: Systems & Societal Innovation. Visit Jodi at DRIVE to get a deeper understanding of her views and see her journey.

Design for Transitions - What's on your Menu?

‘Design for Transition – What’s on your Menu?’, or simply ‘The Cookery’, is an interactive exhibition that will represent the University of Twente at this year’s Dutch Design Week. This exhibition depicts the state of transition of design practices and society, taking people through different stages of reflection.
Emphasis has been placed on one area of design research: futuring. The visitors take steps to enable the collective shaping of futures, that will be illustrated through the metaphor of cooking.

Challenges coming soon!

Ticket page and other links

DDW tickets are now available! In Eindhoven, you will get a wristband in return, which will give you access to most exhibitions and presentations throughout the nine-day event. Soon, we will announce all the UT researchers and students involved in Dutch Design Week 2023. 

Do you have any questions?

Kris Pals-Krukkert, project manager UTxDDW 2023, would be happy to answer them!

Kris Pals-Krukkert