UTDesignLabLightBulb Chats: Can we make it work?

LightBulb Chats: Can we make it work?

With every century, our definitions of work have changed - from the first industrial revolution with the use of water and steam power to mechanize industrial processes to the present/ongoing fourth industrial revolution, with AI and robotics becoming more integrated into work processes. These (current) changes are making our societies and economics shift to highly specialised knowledge-based ones where people are expected to have highly specific knowledge and more educational qualifications than before.

All this occurs with the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic where we saw major changes around and about the way we work- from mass unemployment at the start of the pandemic and the shifting of work to online spaces to a class awakening occurring in countries like the United States with the Great Resignation.

Which begs the question- how will our perception of work evolve in the future? What changes do we expect to see in the work we do? Will technology make most jobs redundant?

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LightBulb Chats

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