UTDesignLabTosti Talks: Social Justice Futures in AI

Tosti Talks: Social Justice Futures in AI

Tackling diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic teams and technological development is not a matter of easy fixes. But, most of us feel there are no tangible actions to take beyond discussion. Are there ways to turn the tide and put technology at the service of social justice? Yes!  

This talk features tools developed during the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Embodied AI initiative (DEI4EAI) initiated and executed by a group of professors and students of the four technical universities in the Netherlands. Our collective believes that assessing, critiquing, and changing our practices is what academics and society need to design the technologies of the future we want to live in. However, reflecting and re-imagining just futures for embodied AI is only one small step to challenging the current status quo in embodied AI. During the talk, I will introduce key issues and share the experience with tools and techniques that you can use in your daily academic work, in your project, and in tackling societal challenges. The tools inspired by the Responsible Futuring approach of the DesignLab and speculative design are meant to make reflections and awareness tangible, a material for design decisions. 


Dr.ir. Cristina Zaga

Dr. ir. Cristina Zaga is an assistant professor at Human-Centred Design Group (Design and Production Management department) and a researcher at the  The DesignLab at the University of Twente. At the DesignLab, she investigates methodologies, methods, tools, and techniques to connect science, technology, and society through responsible design.

Dr.ir. Cristina Zaga


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