UTDesignLabLightBulb Chats: Aideology

LightBulb Chats: Aideology

Artificial Intelligence, man-made simulations of human intelligence. The hype around AI is far spread with new applications emerging across countless areas. From virtual rappers and vloggers to AI-written articles and AI-created art, to flagging systems for crime or tax evasion. The possibilities are endless and we encounter many of them on the daily. The algorithms shaping our shopping behavior, deepfakes, our personal assistants that will answer any question with a simple ‘hey Siri?’. With many more exciting possibilities to come.

This sounds very positive and utopian but what are the dangers of AI? Do we want all our tasks to be in the hands of AI? Can we trust them to make the right decision? What are the ethical implications of AI? How much of ourselves is reflected in the AI we create? How do we raise children in the face of AI? And where does our autonomy lie in the face of big, new, evolving tech?

Join the discussion on the 14th of December, to share, learn, and encounter new perspectives on facets of AI. Free drinks and snacks included :)

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