Photo: Rick Uilkema, DesignLab

Build A Drone Workshop

Explore the basics of drone components, and learn how to build and fly your very own drone! This DesignLab University workshop is given by University of Twente's student droneteam (DroneTeam Twente).

During this workshop, you'll get a chance to learn about the basics of drone components. In addition, you can put what you've learned into practice by building and flying a drone. More information about DroneTeam Twente can be found on their site:

Please note: materials provided by DesignLab and the DroneTeam are NOT to be taken home with you. The built drone should remain at DesignLab.

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This workshop is part of the DesignLab University initiative: a series of reoccuring free (and fun!) workshops for University of Twente students and staff. It allows you to explore the creative possibilities and facilities of DesignLab for your (research) projects. Feel free to join.

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