Free Lunch Friday - Bond 3D Discuss your career opportunities with Bond 3D

Meet organizations in the Kennispark area and discuss your career opportunities during the Free Lunch Friday at Bond 3D! Discover together whether there is a match for an internship, traineeship or even a job.

Bond High Performance 3D Technology BV has invented and developed a revolutionary printing technology for industrial additive manufacturing. The founders of Bond are firmly rooted in innovation and technology. They work with a team of 53 people and their team is a mix of industrial hi-tech, creative business, engineering, innovation and sustainability. The proof is in their innovative patented technology.


During the Free Lunch Friday, the employees will gave a short presentation about Bond 3D and you will get a tour through the company.


This Free Lunch Friday is for students from the following programs: Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics (Systems and Control).

*Note: The spoken language is Dutch.