Guest lunch lecture: Young Suk Lee and Daniel Saakes

On 28 February, we will have two guests from Korea. Young Suk Lee and Daniel Saakes will give a lunch lecture. 


Young Suk Lee - Title: Exploring Aesthetic Interaction through Art, Design and Technology

Young Suk Lee is a multimedia artist and researcher with a cross-disciplinary education in art, design and technology. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree and a Master’s degree in Fine Arts (MFA) at Hong-ik University in Seoul, South Korea. She further studied Digital art at Indiana University, Bloomington, USA and obtained a second MFA with an emphasis on video art and interactive installations. Then, She expanded her interests in Interaction Design by studying interactivity at the School of Informatics and Computing also at IU Bloomington and received my M.S degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Design. Currently, She is working as an Assistant professor of Integrated New Media Studies at Indiana University campus in South Bend, IN, USA.

She has been creating a series of interactive kinetic installation and critical designs that aims to explore experimental aesthetic interactions. Her projects are deeply engaged in the concept of “Art as Experience”, which enables people to feel, wear, touch and be touched. In order to let the audience sense and experience dynamic multi-sensory interactivities of digital being, an expression is not limited only within aesthetic value as creative appearance itself, but she strives for embedding thoughtful interactions into pieces. Ultimately, it’s designed to fertilize transcendent and imaginative experience concurring with people’s sensual and ethereal engagement that stimulates people’s idea, emotion and perception.

Daniel Saakes - Title: Designing the next generation user toolkits: embodied and real-time 

Daniel Saakes (Ph.D. Delft University of Technology) is an associate professor at KAIST, South Korea, in the department of Industrial Design where he directs the My Design Lab. He is passionate about making things and making things that make things.

 His foremost research interest is in embodied user toolkits that let users configure objects and spaces to their needs with the goal to improve comfort and health. Together with his students, he develops prototypes that let users design with their body for their body, supported by augmented reality, digital fabrication, and shape changing interfaces. 

He regularly publishes at acm CHI, DIS, and TEI, and his work is featured in the media.

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