LightBulb Chats: Is Tinder making us undateable?

Now a days everyone has tinder or has at least tried it. 20 billion matches are made a day and 1 million dates per week are scheduled through Tinder. But are we happier with our relationships?

Is Tinder really helping us meet more compatible people or is this an illusion? Is the image we present from our curated pictures to our unfiltered messages, really us? Is it negatively impacting our real-world relationships or is it allowing us to explore new sides of our sexuality? Is it healthy to gamify dating? Join the conversation.

The speakers

The programme is subject to changes, so keep checking back here for the latest info. 


Ciano Aydin is Full Professor of Philosophy of Technology, Head of the Department of Philosophy and Vice-dean (Education) of the Faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social sciences (BMS) at the University of Twente. He is also Thomas More Professor of Philosophy at Delft University of Technology.



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