Photography: Enrico Bertolotti

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SPOTLIGHT Party The Grand Finale

Online sign-up closed.
On-the-spot sign-up is still possible*:
Come to DesignLab and register 27 Sept, 16:00!
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Setting the stage for the future

Friday 27 Sept 2019 | 16:00 - 19:00
Designlab University of Twente


SPOTLIGHT, the theme for this Anniversary, highlights a selection of key figures, change-making moments, and flagship projects for DesignLab. After an month of celebrating our vibrant and versatile character, we'll be wrapping up our anniversary with old friends and new. For some it will be a trip down memory lane. For others, we hope it will serve as a source of inspiration for the future.

Contributions & Collaborations 

What to expect from the programme? Visitors will be introduced to the story of DesignLab and its people. Alumni and current students will touch upon their contributions to this ecosystem, and what they’ve gained from it on a personal and professional level. DesignLab’s Management Team will be sharing a sneak peek at what's next for DesignLab. After that: time to reminisce, share ideas, and raise our glasses to future collaborations.

Event Schedule


Check-in for registration open.

Coffee, tea & soft drinks served.


Start speeches.

- Welcome to the 'SPOTLIGHT' Party - by Scientific Co-director Peter-Paul Verbeek;

- Scientific Co-director and Co-founder DesignLab Vanessa Evers on the start of DesignLab;

- Former and current DreamTeam Students - Jorien Alers, David Goedicke & Edo de Wolf - on the opportunities DesignLab offered them on a personal and professional level;


- Miriam Iliohan, Manager Operations and Innovation DesignLab, on The Power of Empowerment;

- Sabine Wildevuur, Director DesignLab, on the future vision of DesignLab. 

17:05 - 19:00


- Networking opportunities
- 'Early bird' sign-up for the new DreamTeam, exclusively at this party
- Information about projects DesignLab has worked on

- Music by DJ and former DreamTeamer Rick Uilkema (VierbijVier)

Drinks & a mixture of hot & cold bites served.

Who is this event for

This festivity is open to old friends and new, from our university's campus and far beyond. In particular, we look forward to welcoming: 

  • Employees at University of Twente (scholars and support staff) 
  • (future) Collaboration partners: those that have worked with us on projects - or would like to do so in the near future
  • Students of University of Twente, interested in knowing more about DesignLab
  • DesignLab Family :)