See Events data challenge: how can we increase the impact of online petitions?

Do you value a vital and inclusive democracy? Are you passionate for data analysis? Join our interdisciplinary data challenge and work on increasing the influence of online petitions on policy-making! Together with a group of 40 data scientists, social scientists, journalists and policy-makers, we use data analysis and visualization to gain new insights, ideas and solutions for petition initiators and petition platforms.   

Naturally, we will arrange a unique collaborative setting, including catering, speakers, participants, and unique datasets, such as large-scale network data from the platform (more than 12,000 petitions), (social) media data, and open council data from Dutch municipalities. At the end of the data challenge, an expert jury will award the most insightful analysis / visualization.

would you like to join? 

Register here (individual or team) for this fun and important data challenge.