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Tosti Talks: Circular economy and sustainability

Gastspreker: Tyrell Pantophlet, start-up owner of an eco-friendly car wash

Sustainability is something we all hear about: a broad term referring to most aspects of the world we live in. Often used as a marketing term, sustainability relates to business, technology and environment. How can we use circular economy to become more sustainable with the way that we eat and the materials we use? Is using a lot of energy a bad things or is the way it is attained more important?

Our guest, Tyrell Pantophlet, student and start-up owner of an eco-friendly car wash would like to share his knowledge through an informal talk open to debate! 


Registration isn't needed for this Tosti Talk. Just drop by, grab a tosti, and connect to other visitors!

It would however be nice if you let us and your friends know you're coming by attending this Facebook event :-). 


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