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If you mean business

Students can always be found working on projects in the DesignLab. But besides regular project work, there are a number of ways in which students can not only work inside the DesignLab, but also work with the DesignLab.

The Science2Design4Society method is a creative and multidisciplinary approach to connect scientific knowledge to societal questions and challenges. This method from Twente leads to innovation, as it is applied by multidisciplinary research teams that combine scientific knowledge and a design-based attitude to analyze the relations between technology and society. Furthermore, the DesignLab offers an inspiring, creative and team-based environment. Design teams are always multidisciplinary and consist of researchers and/or students of a technical and social-scientific background, supplemented with participants from the business community and societal organisations. Project proposals that do not fit in the mind set of the DesignLab will be redirected to more applicable faculties of the university.

There are four ways to work with the DesignLab

Ideation sessions

So-called “pressure cooker” ideas are developed with a group of students around a concrete question, that requires cooperation between science through design and for society. 

Science2Design4Society workshops

With a multidisciplinary team of scientists and students, a concrete problem is tackled, by bringing together technical and social-scientific knowledge in creative solutions.

These workshops are usually held in IDEATE or INFORM, but can be extended to the whole DesignLab. See our facilities to see what room is the right one for you!

Student projects

Graduation projects or assignments within an educational module, assigned by a company or an organisation.

These projects can last for an extended period of time and students will be offered a place to set up their projects for a longer period of time to enhance research efficiency. Student-driven projects are also welcome in the Designlab. Examples of this kind of projects are the Solar Team, and the RoboTeam

The projects have to be in the mind set of Science2Design4Society. As long as this mind set is met, the DesignLab is very flexible, and a lot is possible.

Public-Private collaboration

Externally financed promotion trails or postdoc projects and joint research requests.

Collaboration between de UT and external partners for financed PhD- or postdoc projects and joint research questions (EU and national) is possible. The DesignLab will function as a central point for the externally financed PhD, PDEng or postdoc researcher on the theme of Science2Design4Society design research.

The DesignLab strives for structural research collaborations. These are long term tracks which have to be coordinated on UT-level, but in which the DesignLab can have an added value on top of the infrastructure and knowledge of the faculties and institutes (S2D4S method with focus on reframing and disruptive innovation).

If you have any questions or you have a request, please contact us!