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5 Years of DesignLab

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5 Years of DesignLab
September 2019

Celebrate 5 Years of DesignLab with us! Since 2014, DesignLab has been bringing attention to world-wide societal issues and designers of change. Coming September, we’ll be highlighting a selection of key figures, change-making moments and flagship projects with our ‘SPOTLIGHT’ anniversary theme. For some, it will be a trip down memory lane - for others, we hope it will serve as a source of inspiration for the future.


More information on the programme is due to follow over the course of this summer. It will be as varied as DesignLab itself, and include a mix of TostiTalks, scientific sessions on Responsible Design, stories of students, external speakers, and many more.

More details to follow soon...

We'll be announcing activities and programme details over the course of summer. 

Tue 3 Sept | 12:45 - 13:30 | Tosti Talks: Plastic Packaging - Preservation or Pollution?



What started as a get-together for students to promote collaboration has grown into an inspiring platform. Students (and others) with a burning desire are given a chance to spread the word, find other passionate people and connect the community even more.

During this talk:
With the sea flooded with plastic and the entire marine (and even global) ecosystem suffering from the consequences, it seems like an obvious conclusion. However, looking at the properties of plastics and the global challenge of increasing food demand and food waste, thermoplastic polymers could actually benefit the environment. What applications are beneficial and what alternatives exist? 

Registration isn't needed. Drop by, grab a tosti, and talk! 

The Speaker: Lisanne de Weert

Former DreamTeamer, and double Master’s student of Industrial Design Engineering / Mechanical Engineering. What better way to kick off this 5-Year Anniversary Tosti Talks Series than with one of the talk's very founders? Read more about Lisanne's previous work at DesignLab to counteract pollution by plastic waste. 

Fri 20 Sept & Sat 21 Sept | Global Goals Jam Enschede 2019

The Global Goals Jam is a 2-day hands-on worldwide event, happening simultanously in different cities across the world.  It's an opportunity to meet and work with students and professionals to ideate, brainstorm and prototype ideas based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

DesignLab's version of the Jam will focus on the theme Water, Energy & Responsible Living

Wed 25 Sept | 13:30 - 18:00 | Responsible Design: The Launch

An afternoon full of inspiring talks and discussions on the research theme of 'Responsible Design' and its applications.

The launching event of the Responsible Design research agenda by DesignLab aims to connect scholars, practitioners, and students interested in addressing societal challenges through design.

Fri 27 Sept | 16:00 - 19:00 | 'The Grand Finale' - Closing Party

Setting the stage for the future

The informal conclusion party of our Anniversary. For old friends and new, from our campus and far beyond. Programme details will be revealed at a later stage, but we guarantee you wouldn’t want to miss it.

Registration has opened!

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